HLF Italian Design

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Design your Espresso.

HLF Italian Design leader in super-automatic coffee machines and cold drink machines operates in more than 30 countries in the world.

We produce in our premises high quality modern and traditional coffee machines which ensure totally customizable products.

The heart of HLF is the R&D department where selected and highly trained technicians are designing, testing and discovering new solutions and technologies to be always a step ahead of the necessity of the market both for the hardware and software parts.

Following this last aspect, we are also well known for our capability to develop and customize software according to the specific customer’s needs.

Another strength point is the flexibility of our company and the fast reaction to customer demand, HLF is able to realize working prototypes in very short periods of time, giving in this way the possibility to the customer to test the machine in the field and to get all the needed feed-back. From there the step into production is very short.

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